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Camping Regulation.

This Regulation shall be affixed to the Directors and filed with the competent authorities, it should be strictly enforced. The task of enforcing it is up to the Director who has a duty to remove from the camping, without any compensation and with the obligation to respond to any damage, the camper who does not comply with the warnings and all the provisions hereof.

Article 1 – On arrival, the camper is asked to present to the Office acceptances which must deliver an accreditation document for each member of their household and building the public safety module. The documents will remain in custody at the Directorate for the recordings of the law and then returned. Upon arrival you will be given a sticker to be displayed on the car windscreen for easy entry control of the camping and a bracelet for every registered person which must be worn for the duration of the stay.

Art.2 –No deposit is required for reservations of up to 7 days. The balance is to be paid on arrival after the formalities of acceptance. Delays in arrival and early departures must be promptly communicated to the management, and will in any case result in payment for the entire booked period.

For reservations of more than 7 days, you must pay a deposit of 30% of the price of the stay, which must be paid within no later than 15 days from the request of the chosen pitch, subject to the loss of the reservation. The balance will take place by the evening of the day before departure.

Art.3 – For family unit is defined as the head of household, spouse and children. Head of personally liable for the members of their household and their guests.

Art.4 – If, during any inspection by the authorized personnel, you should find a number of people higher than claimed, will be increased by an amount of € 3.00 per person from the day of registration, and the consequent removal from camping.

Art.5 – The Guest can enter and remain in the Camping on condition that there is the camper owner or person in your household. The number of guests in order to avoid crowding and confusion that could damage the peace campers and smooth operation of the toilets, will be determined from time to time by the Directors based on the number of people already in the Camping. Guests will not stay overnight in the campground without express permission of the management, failing which it will have to leave by 22:00 after paying the daily fee.

Art.6 – The Dogs are at the discretion of management, if allowed, should strictly be on a leash and accompanied to their needs outside of the structure.

Article 7 – Direction are posted all schedules that govern life in the camping that campers must comply.

Art.8 – The camping zone for customers is as follows:
Acceptance: from 8:30 to 19:30 Payments: from 8:30 to 19:30 (the account balance on the arrival or at the latest the day before departure). From 23 hours until 07 am and from 14 to 16 hours is required to respect the quiet. During these hours is forbidden to assemble or disassemble equipment, circular in the camping by car, motorcycles, campers or vans, harass with radio, music, games and songs.

Art.9 – The sector allocation and the rest area is the sole responsibility of the Directorate. And ‘forbidden to campers make changes or modifications. The car and the equipment must be parked only in the area specially reserved for them. In the assigned pitch it can not be installed more than a tent or caravan.

Art.10 – The Camper is obliged to keep clean and tidy space given to it and to leave the cleaned common services. All waste must be disposed of in the special containers for separate waste collection. Every family unit must dispose of containers suitable for the collection of waste water. It is also expressly forbidden:
a) leave the children to go alone to the services;
b) lay breccia, bricks and derivatives within and outside their own area
c) fixed installed additional equipment such as tables, benches, hammocks, wires on trees etc. The management reserves the right to take down these structures if they create an obstruction or limit.
d) if you do not wash dishes in the appropriate sinks;
e) wash and hang laundry to be dried outside the areas specially crafted in the services area;
f) discharging waste water on the ground;
g) attach tubes to deliver water in the drinking fountains;

Art.11 – E ‘strictly prohibited;
a) light fires with wood;
b) introducing the Village firearms, rifles and air pistols;
c) damage plants, dig holes, furrows;
d) washing equipment, cars and motorcycles;
e) introducing the camping cars, motorcycles and mopeds; These should always be parked in their reserved parking;
f) to install additional outlets;

Art.12 – And ‘allowed the use of charcoal grills as long as the smoke does not disturb the neighbors and not to damage the grass and the ground below.

Art.13 – Parents are responsible for their children. Children must be supervised by their parents, and in this regard, the management is not responsible.

Art.14 – Any damage caused to the camping equipment will be compensated by the camper owner, which is liable also for any damage caused by their families and guests.

Art.15 – you ‘may not use the car or other motor vehicles to get around inside the Camping. Any motor vehicle leaves the car park to leave the camping will actually get out. The maximum speed when moving with the car is of 5 km / h. L ‘access by car inside is allowed ONLY on arrival at Camper Village, to park your caravan or pitch your tent, or for departure. For no other reason they are permitted exceptions to this provision.

Art.16 – The caravans and other housing units must by law, be provided with a fire extinguisher and insurance coverage “static risk” as proven by request. They will also be provided with an insurance policy for risk coverage from fire and use of neighbors.

Art.17 – The Management is not liable for injuries because of their own and theft of any object, money or otherwise left unattended, also not responsible for damage due to falling trees or branches.

Art.18 – Customers Lords who have a daily reservation are required to settle the bill at entry.

Art.19 – The non-observance of the provisions of these Regulations, issued in the interests of our guests, it entails for offenders, in case of recidivism or serious accidents, to expulsion from the campsite without claiming a refund.

Art.20 – The Camper declares to be perfect knowledge of the rules of this House, to have taken vision at the entrance, and he undertakes to observe the above mentioned for himself, and for his group or family.

Entry into the campsite involves acceptance and full compliance with this Regulation which may be supplemented, in addition, by additional rules that the Management will deem appropriate for the best functioning of the facility. Camping staff are authorized to do so and to report to the Management who does not comply with it. Offenders will be immediately removed from the campsite.

A “REGULATION” by its nature is always conditioned by the individual freedom that wants to harmonize with the collective one. His “RULES” in general pose restrictions fully justified by its purpose of creating better conditions for a richer and more humane civil society, the field of education, respect and mutual esteem. We trust, therefore, entirely on the knowledge and consent of our guest to follow these modest limitations that allow the stay more peaceful, tranquil and relaxing, and avoid the unfortunate intervention of the Executive Board to re-establish the disturbed order. Thank you for your appreciated collaboration and wish you the happiest stay.

The Management of CAMPING HOBO


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